Plants Machinery & Equipment's Offered by EMCON Engineering

  • Steam Turbines and turbo generators. (1 kW to 100,000 kW)
  • Diesel / Gas / HFO Engine Generator (1.0 kW to 10 MW)
  • Gas Turbines and gas turbine generators. (2.5 kW to 6.5 kW)
  • Air/Gas compressors (screw and reciprocating). (1 kW to 10,000 kW)
  • Waste heat recovery power plants for cement industries. (5 ton/hr to 250 ton/hr)
  • ¬†Water/Waste water treatment plants
  • Boilers (Fired and unfired) packaged type. (10 ton/hr to 300 ton/hr)
  • Biomass based power plants. (1.0 MW to 50 MW)
  • Rice husk, cotton, wheat and other agri waste fired power plant)
  • HT / LT Cables, transformers, electric motors
  • Gas turbine air intake filters
  • Sea water desalination plants (small and large sizes) based on RO/MED technology
  • Overhead travelling cranes
  • Steam drums Hp-Lp-Mp Heaters
  • Solar power plants (1 W to 10 kW)
  • Wind turbine based power plants (500 kW to 5000 kW)
  • Water turbine based power plants
  • Chemical dosing plants
  • Cooling Towers
  • Non-Sparking and Non Magnetic Hand Tools
  • Spark Proof, explosion proof ventilation systems for confined spaces
  • Annual Maintenance materials and equipment’s
  • Gas turbine and generator testing and inspection

Chemicals Additives & Construction Materials

  • Corrosion inhibitors for oil and gas pipeline
  • D-emulsifiers for desalting plants
  • Emulsion breakers for oil and water separation
  • Flow line boosting chemicals
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Coating materials
  • 3-layer coating for line pipes
  • Heat shrinkable sleeves and jointing materials.

Fied Services

  • Erection, installation and commissioning of industrial power plants
  • On site chemical cleaning of plant and equipment’s
  • Inspection, testing and performance enhancement of power plant
  • Man power providing (Skilled, Non-Skilled)

Prevision of Missing Parts :

EMCON ENGINEEING can supply the missing part of equipment and Machinery used in power plants steel mills oil refinery and petro chemical plants.

Building Construct ion Machinery and Equipment's :

EMCON ENGINEEING can supply the any type of building materials and construction machinery and equipment’s.

  • Construction machinery (new & used)
  • Lifts, elevators etc

IT Services :

Emcon Engineering is providing following IT services.

  • Software development
  • Networking systems
  • VOIP systems and services providing
  • Power Plant efficiency monitoring software etc